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July 25, 2017

Angela Chang
Aug 17, 2017

Hello friends!

First things first - we only have 2 days until our Hatchfund campaign closes. :)Abraham from Hatchfund paid us a visit a few weeks ago, and Hatchfund posted the interview video he made at our Build site on Facebook. Mind helping us post his interview on your Facebook wall as a final push for our fundraiser? Thank you! Link: 

Now for our regularly scheduled updates --

We had back-to-back Build Days again this past weekend, and boy are we excited to report that we're finally DONE with making and applying claycrete! The Daruma now has well-defined cheekbones. We also started sanding down uneven areas, and patching bumpier areas with celluclay (thank you Vulfie for the recommendation - it's more expensive, but it goes on so smoothly!).

In hindsight, we should have collected all those toilet paper cardboard centers and made a separate art project out of them. We used SO much 1-ply toilet paper that we could have easily made another art installation with just those!

We also made the decision to add a few layers of papier-mache newspaper to the bottom half of the Daruma. We did this as a safety precaution -- we want to make sure the bottom half is EXTRA secure despite gravitational forces.

It looks like we're going to start painting this weekend, so we're pretttttty excited about that. We still have a few more back-to-back Build Days left...if you're in the greater Los Angeles area, please come join us!

THANK YOU again for your support!! We truly appreciate you!!

Angela Chang

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