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June 21, 2017

Angela Chang
Aug 17, 2017

Hello dearest friends,

Thank you again to all of our amazing supporters - we <3 you all!

As mentioned in our last update, we had to strip off all the newspaper papier-mâché because it wasn't creating a sturdy enough layer on top of the chicken wire. Thankfully, someone saw our Hatchfund page and offered some insight as to how to make sturdier papier-mâché! 

Edwin met with Eric Anderson from the Black Rock City Observatory team, and learned about how he and his team created "claycrete" out of toilet paper, drywall compound, glue, and water for an art project that burned at BEquinox. 

We're happy to update you all with the following news -- the "claycrete" worked! It's sturdy, it sticks well to our chicken wire, it can burn (safely!), and we're confident it'll hold up in BRC conditions.

Check out our pictures below! 

By the way, we have another Build day coming up this Saturday. Please let us know if you're down to swing by and help! Please email & and we'll send you all the details. Thank you!!

Angela Chang

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