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August 10, 2017

Angela Chang
Aug 18, 2017

Hi friends!!

More exciting updates. 

1.) Our Daruma is done!!!!!!!!!! Well, almost. We still need to put on a layer of non-VOC sealant and do a couple of quick touchups...but we're pretty much done! Check out the picture below of the small Daruma we used as our inspiration, the 2' model we built as our test build, and the 6' Daruma we'll be featuring on the playa!

Also, check out the timelapse video of the Daruma's face painting process! Our incredible Build team member / artist-buddy-for-life Michael Figge projected the face onto the Daruma and used it as a guide for the face painting. SO COOL.

BTW, the calligraphy part of the Daruma's belly reads "福入" which means "enter good fortune." I (Angie here, hi!) painted it with an actual calligraphy brush...over and over, haha.

2.) <drumroll please> We think we may know where the Daruma will be on playa! A friend sent us this "2017 Unofficial Map of Burning Man" that's on Google Maps:,-119.20533009491584&z=14WHOAAAAAAA. I guess you won't be able to miss the Daruma if you're coming to Burning Man this year. WE. ARE. SO. EXCIIIIIIITED. ^____^

3.) We are borrowing a pallet jack / hand truck to move the 6' Daruma out of the garage...and the cool thing is, we're renting it from an actual Buddhist temple. Thank you to the monastics of Hsi Lai Temple for lending us the pallet jack on August 23rd! 

4.) Lots of perks were mailed out this week, but we still have a few more to send out! Check your mailboxes soon!!

5.) We launched our website! Donor names will be added to the website tonight. Thank you Wilbur Han for putting together such a cool site for us! <3 <3 <3

That's all for now! Thank you all again SO much for your support!


Angela Chang

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